Welcome to Deglitch Networks!

Deglitch Networks is a small company of talenteed engineers based in Moscow, Russian Federation. We offer a comprehensive range of hight quality services ranging from hardware prototyping and development to high-level applications development. By offering a complete suite of both technical and organizational solutions we help our clients achieve their business goals easily without the need to combine products and solutions from different vendors.

Our expertise lies in the areas of embedded hardware and software development, SoC design, embedded security and high-performance network and distributed systems. We worked on a number of projects of different scale involving designing and implementing complex highly-available distributed storage and data processing systems, web applications and control automation.

We also offer a number of ready-to-use appliences and ARM-based developments kits. Be sure to check our Products page.

Deglitch Networks is a consistent open-source player. We strongly belive in the open world and open standards. The company regularly contributes code in a numer of open source projects like FreeBSD operating system and U-boot bootloader. Some of our projects is also freely available to download from our web site.

Recent news

May 29, 2009

Toradex Colibri U-Boot support.

Intitial version of U-Boot bootloader for Toradex Colibri boards has been released. Parallel flash, MMC/SD and ethernet peripherals are supported. Features like reliable firmware upgrade, direct FreeBSD boot support and FFS file system support are also available.

You can download patches against stock U-Boot from our open source page.

May 27, 2007

New revision of ATAMAN-TB development kits.

New revision of popular ATAMAN-TB development boards manufactured by FlexLab is availbe for ordering along with new expansion boards. All errata items of previous revisions has been fixed in this release. Check our products page for more info.

April 20, 2007

Version 0.4 of DON-3 firmware released.

New version of DON-3 firmware is availble for download now. This release includes a lot of new features and important bugfixes. All users of previous releases are advised to upgrade.

Release highlightes:
  1. FlexShell can now start/stop board services.
  2. FlexShell special sequences handling implemented (command line editing is now supported).
  3. Error signalization abilities has been extended. Builtin LEDs is now used to report disk writing failures, GPS receiver failures an so on.
  4. A lot of uncritical bugfixes.
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